WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Enter to Win 50 x 2 CLVRBar 8500 Xmas Edition Vape Devices

Winner Announced

Giveaway Winner List

  • Melinda Gaines
  • monique Seifullin
  • thomas quinn
  • Michael McLane
  • J Pawlitschko
  • William Dalgauer
  • jeff geer
  • Lisa Ormsby
  • kelly tupick
  • Chad Boyd
  • mark johnston
  • SHANNON Peterson
  • Robert Horton
  • Jurgen Pawlitschko
  • Amanda K Price
  • Thomas Gibson
  • Jerri Loper
  • Diane Sabatini
  • Jan Edie
  • Ellen Byers
  • Amy Kasson
  • Heather MILLER
  • Jennifer Basler
  • Kimberly Ripley
  • Tanya McCosker
  • Tyler Ginter
  • Shelby Powers
  • Darla Peduzzi
  • Yvonne Galindo
  • Charles Redmond
  • Marsheila Kerner
  • Ricky Torbeck
  • Tenley Erickson
  • Lori Martini
  • Rose Reeder
  • Jovany Tavarez
  • Colleen Schilinski
  • Driq Toledo
  • Diego Kaku
  • Karen Kane
  • Dr Stoner
  • Eileen Davies
  • Curtis Silver
  • Deb Ford
  • Mikhail Rapoport
  • Sherry Strode
  • Randy Tabert
  • Jennifer Haney
  • Christine McKnight
  • Andrea anderson

CLVRbar Xmas Special Vape Giveaway

CLVRbar Xmas Special Vape Giveaway is an exciting opportunity for vape enthusiasts to enter a contest and win a variety of prizes related to vaping. This sweepstake is organized by CLVRbar, a leading vape brand known for its high-quality products and innovative flavors.

To enter the sweepstakes, participants need to visit the CLVRbar website and follow the instructions to complete the entry form. The prizes offered in the sweepstakes may vary but typically include a selection of CLVRbar vape products, such as CLVRbar 8500 Christmas Edition Devices. 50 Winners will be selected using the draw system at the end of the Giveaway period. The winners will get two flavors (Black Ice and Strawberry Kiwi) of the CLVRBar 8500 Christmas edition.

The sweepstakes is open to individuals of legal vaping age in their respective states or countries, and winners will be selected at random from all eligible entries.

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or just getting started, the CLVRbar Xmas Special Vape Giveaway is an excellent opportunity to try out new products, win exciting prizes, and connect with a vibrant community of vaping enthusiasts. So don't miss out on this chance to elevate your vaping experience and enter the CLVRbar Xmas Special Vape Giveaway today!

Sweepstakes- Enter to Win 50 x 2 CLVRBar 8500 Xmas Edition Vape Devices