WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • Liquid Capacity: 12ml
  • Battery Capacity: 450mAh
  • Resistance: 1.2 ohm
  • Control Mode: Micro Processor
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Coil: Mesh Coil

The Apple Mango Pear features a flavor that is a mix mash of the sweetness of mango and the lush fruity deliciousness of apple and pear. This is one of the most popular vape flavors. The vape flavor is alluring and will tantalize your taste buds. This CLVR vape pen is easy to use, super convenient, and tucks nicely into your palm. The device is sold as a pre filled vape with 12ml of e-liquid and a puff capacity of 5000 puffs.


4.4 25 Reviews
  • Jennifer Materazzi

    Best and unique product design. Love those fast colors of product.

  • adams

    Its not good, but great machine

  • nathan_cupit645

    Its my first time and on delivery they kept their word. I was caught between two options; the mango/peach/watermelon and this apple/mango/pear blend. I tried the apple mango pear and I’m stuck already. An interesting blend. .

  • Stephanie Alexander

    Very Tasty and full satisfaction with clvr device

  • matt_lee962

    solid perfomance item. Always win

  • Joseph Steitz

    Price is good enough.

  • Sebastian Dellapia

    Feels better than i anticipated. Impressive flavor and a single charge hold for many hours. I tried about four flavors now, and they are all nice. Still, the mango-apple ‘tweak’ stays my favorite.

  • Mustafa Tolmeth

    The size is just decent. The puff count and large cloud are awesome, although I’m yet to exhaust the juice to confirm the 5000-puffs claim, but if that’s true, then it's perfect for the price tag. It’s a five-star from me and hubby.

  • Brian Bakerian

    How so i order a case

  • Natalie Hangliter

    Sweet as FU😘K

  • Belinda goodrow

    Like it much

  • Linda Gearhart

    This is about my fifth purchase and no defects, except that this purchase came hours late. I’ll be buying here again.

  • Luis warehouse

    perfect hit and flavor consistency 👍

  • Austin Vile

    The order came in three days! The massive juice makes sense. Id be fair to name it the best rechargeable unit i have ever used. I recommend to anyone who desires a discreet vaping experience. I love it. You just earned a new customer.

  • Nicole Manzanares

    No regrets whatsoever. Good buy and has amazing flavor. Got both the apple mango pear and lemon mint flavors. I only tried the mango blend so far, but with high hopes about the lemon mint.. I’ll share my experience here in due time.

  • Lexi Lalor

    Product is Really up to the mark 🙃

  • Matthew Little

    Lot more puffs, Affordable as shit

  • John Gillman

    👉Received it fast an secure

  • katrina_torres680

    I’m enjoying every bit of this product. Ordering was easy and hitch free and delivery came right on time. Im ordering again and making referrals already. Thanks guys!

  • Karen Alderman

    💋 Love it, all flavors are good enough. But this apple mango pear is ultimate

  • Kylee

    Thumbs up to their customer support. Everything about the product looks great, except it came a bit delayed. Impressed by how the customer care guys handled my fears and restored my confidence in the team. I hope the next experience pans out better.

  • Tim

    Just Love it, It is safe and Vegan. I can taste all these 3 fruits combo.

  • Kareem Finnegan

    Fantasic Flavor and consistent vapor

  • Beuckman

    The many puffs from a single charge is my best part of these products. its portable and easy to use. This is my second charge, and I’m hoping the battery health doesn't drop too quickly.

  • Justin Hires

    The flavor is satisfying. You can feel all the fruity notes with each puff. Strong battery, I haven't had to charge since i got it. Might try out other flavors on my next shopping, but for now, no complains yet.