WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • Liquid Capacity: 12ml
  • Battery Capacity: 450mAh
  • Resistance: 1.2 ohm
  • Control Mode: Micro Processor
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Coil: Mesh Coil

This smooth vape features an ergonomically pleasant grip, an adjustable airflow mechanism, and strong flavors for a thrilling vaping experience. The flavor profile reaches notes of satisfying cool and refreshingly sweet notes, making it an ideal daytime vape. The Blue Raspberry is a classic strain, and with mint for that icy cool, the party just got intense.


4.7 21 Reviews
  • justin_hires161

    Portable in size and has great content that takes you all through the journey. I just got my third order and its been the same consistency. I did one pack of cigarettes daily, but I've been off that for a month now and my nicotine game still feels on track. Although the first drag didn't feel all that ‘original’, but i guess that’s a part of the transition thingy.

  • Christina Fetterhoff

    These devices make it easy to reduce my regular cigarettes and I feel a whole better health wise. Feels smooth and with good hits. I’m truly impressed. Mild taste. They are lightweight and last long. Even more interesting is that you don’t need refilling; just puffs until you need a new one.

  • Alyce Reuthe

    The throat hit truly did hit on my first drags. Its your best travel buddy and the battery is incredibly strong. I’m a fan already and should get more persons on this train if this feeling doesn’t change anytime soon.

  • Gabby

    Its a bomb in mouth.. Berries makes explosion.

  • Barbara Locascio

    I always have one of these in my car and one in my handbag. It’s a friendly and loyal partner. its super easy to use and with satisfying hits.

  • Sally Flannery

    No Burnt taste, always happy.

  • Laura Wildrick

    I wish this product stays in stock. It comes timely and no dead ones. They hold up for long and suit my taste buds perfectly.

  • Seidel

    I've used vapes for about 7 years now. Since i quit smoking 4 years counting, these more discreet nicotine packs have delivered a seemingly healthier feel. I’m happy on this zero-smoke journey. Great flavor and lasts longer than I once imagined.

  • Richard Johnston

    🖐️ 5 star product and customer support also.

  • michael

    There was a mix up. We already settled for a replacement. As promised, I’m hoping it comes through by weekend. You’ll get a feedback then. Best

  • Dominic Robinson

    Holy smoke. It is very much perfect bluerazz flavor

  • order

    I’m enjoying this ecigerette. It lasts way longer than the ones i tried previously. Easy to move around and not so strong. You have a lot of puffs so you may not be replacing too soon. Excellent disposables. Nice hits with good flavor.

  • Robert McKenna

    Awesome result, easy to carry anywhere

  • Eldrich Goodwin

    simple but powerful qulity product. Blueberrry thing is very tasty

  • Ashley Juarez

    Good flavor but not my kind.

  • kyle_paoline288

    Got this ‘gift’ for my cigarette-addicted boyfriend. He loves them and will have me order again. Or perhaps he comes knocking by himself. Either ways, they’re it.

  • Jeffrey Pansey

    Fantastic disposable e-cig. Since I quit tobacco, its been better. Among the options i tried, the bluerazz flavor works best for me. I hope the site keep delivering this quality. Spot on!

  • kristen360

    Doesn't make me coughing. Good product

  • jewel Connell

    Super handy product, very tasty

  • Jane Stansbury

    These stuffs are easy to tag along and discreet to use. No spilling ejuice during refil and battery juice keeps flowing. Even as a staunch puffer, one takes me for many days

  • gigante

    The product is just fine and the website services is near flawless. The delivery was fast and Couldn’t ask for better customer service. Well done.